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Its November 2014

Dennis Kucinich is President. Most of the American people can correctly pronounce his last name. Former US President George Bush was last reported being seen in a castle in England outside London but his current whereabouts is still shrouded in mystery. Some believe he was whisked away to the former country of Kuwait but the Islamic Revolutionary government now ruling Greater Arabia denies this. No nation on Earth wants to admit they have provided him with asylum.

Following the US military coup in 2007 led by former Secretary of State Colin Powell, in which thousands of Iraqi veterans and enlistees supported the vast majority of Americans in deposing the Bush administration, after the revelation of damning evidence of Dick Cheney and company’s traitorous complicity in the 9/11 attacks, first leaked to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, the implementation of NESARA, the National Economic & Security And Reformation Act, became official and the new debt-free monetary system was put into place, despite attempts by the Federal Reserve and its major banking members to maintain its grip on power. Even with the power vacuum that occured in Washington D.C. when dozens of corrupted Congressmen were forced to resign, most communities in the country fared the storm well, especially those that were not dependent on federal government subsidies like tobacco.

Ten Years from now
by Chris Toussaint

The Worldwide Depression which began in 2005 and became unbearably harsh during 2006 had forced many local communities to create self-sufficiency programs on neighborhood levels including self-governance, that openly defied Patriot Acts 2, 3 and 4. Fears that the privatization of Social Security, the further erosion of union power, and dominance of neoconservative police-state policies never materialized in a big way, due to the rising sovereignty movement as more and more Americans opted out of the corporate U.S. system that was enslaving them, and simply refused to pay income tax which furthered the decline of the bloated debt-based system. As foreign investors pulled their dollars out of the sinking U.S. economy, the more resourceful Americans who saw this coming and had been preparing for years rose to positions of leadership, via the Internet and in their local communities where they galvanized support for resisting the imposition of martial law and Walmart.

After temporary president Powell stepped down, the 2008 election went overwhelmingly Democratic despite an apologetic campaign from Republican John McCain. Some New Agers claimed that extraterrestrials intervened and others explained the shift in the political winds was due to a global awakening that has been prophesized for centuries. More practical observers attributed it to the economic downturn and rampant scandals, like the electronic vote manipulation of 2004, which finally caught up to the Bush administration and Republican allies. Fox Television’s ratings plummeted and The Comedy Channel picked up the Simpson’s for a bargain basement price.

President Kucinich, although demonized by the Religious Right for months, disarmed his critics with a cleverness and common sense attitude that appealed to all but the most ideological extremists. The new economy based on redistribution of transnational corporate resources, redirection of a significant part of the military budget to peacetime uses by the private sector, and a booming alternative energy market has been diminishing the impact of the effects of the Peak Oil decline of fossil fuels. The catastrophic effects of global climate change which added to the world’s economic troubles, are now finally being addressed and mitigated by the introduction of free energy generators on a massive scale, especially in China, where the first big manufacturers began in 2009. Some of these actually produce a net increase in oxygen which has reversed the horrid effects of industrial pollution in many cities, and also boost the thinking capacity in the brains of those inhabitants. The collapse of fossil-fuel intensive agribusiness and necessary shift to small scale, organic agriculture also helped to alleviate the suffering of jobless millions who had to relearn new skills that ironically improved their health by taking them back to the land, now pesticide free and in the process of becoming biodynamically restored. Or alternately, many were quickly retrained to build new energy technologies and infrastructure that defied Classical 20th century scientific understanding but are now validated by Quantum Physics. The transition to a sustainable society was not without pain, but was being recognized and realized for the first time by the majority of American citizens in 2012. And the world breathed a collective sigh of relief...

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