Canyon Ranch continued by Rebecca Gorny  

I had my spa day at The Canyon Ranch Spa, located in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. I had not anticipated my trip to Vegas to be relaxing, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise. I felt like in my own way, I had hit the jackpot!

I began my day lying by the hotel pool, a little bit of swimming, sun and reading, until it was time for my spa adventure. Upon my arrival, I couldn't believe the options in front of me. There was a climbing wall, (which I wasn't daring enough to tackle), every exercise machine I could imagine, weights and friendly trainers. I decided that my first stop would be the Precor cross-training machine in a corner of the gym that I had entirely to myself. Every Precor had its own Television, so I tuned in to one of the all-time greatest movies, "Splash" and spent a half-hour warming up.

Next came time for my favorite exercise, yoga. When I entered the yoga studio, I found to my delight that the floor was very clean, which is unusual in a gym that has been used all day long. I also learned that there would only be four people in the class, which was a welcome change from the usual 20+ people in my L.A. class. We began by dimming the lights, turning on the music and relaxing. It was great to have a different instructor with a new perspective; she even introduced us to Styrofoam bricks that helped me to stretch farther than I would normally be able. The class was refreshing and invigorating. Afterwards, my body felt loose and my mind was clear...I decided to get a massage.

In the locker room, I wrapped up in my big, comfy robe and massaging flip-flops and headed for the waiting area. It wasn't long before I was taken in to experience an unbelievably wonderful Swedish massage. After this luxury, I was convinced that it was not possible to achieve a higher state of calm; but I was wrong. As I headed to the hot tub and shimmied up to one of the jets, I visited paradise all over again. I enjoyed the atmosphere, listening to the music and the running water and letting myself drift into my thoughts until my hands were pruning! Out of the hot tub, into the cold dip and finally into the steam room. My relaxation was complete.

Back in the locker room, I felt like a little girl playing dress up all over again. After enjoying a peaceful shower, I experimented with the selection of complimentary beauty products for guests to use. I emerged both stronger and day in paradise was complete.

Now, the question you have been waiting to ask: how much does a day in paradise cost? Canyon Ranch is about average in cost for an upscale spa. You can purchase any of their 120 services individually, or you can purchase inclusive packages. Each package includes a Spaclub Passport that allows you to enjoy all of the spa facilities for the day including all of the classes.

The overall a la carte services that they offer are priced between $10 - $255. Of course as a struggling writer, I find that expensive, but in reality this is the cost you pay for pleasure. For the above prices, there are many services that are available, broken up into Health and Wellness, Spa Services and Salon services. Health Wellness includes Nutrition Analysis, Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Movement Therapy,

Personal Training, Rock Wall Climbing (which I should try next time). Spa Services include massages, Ayurvedic Treatments (an ancient Indian science using herbs and oils to care for mind, body and spirit), conditioning body scrubs, facial treatments, refining body treatments, Canyon Ranch Body Cocoons, Balneotherapy (the science of bath, our invigorating hydrotherapy treatments stimulate your muscles, and relax your body). At the Canyon Ranch Salon, your wildest style dreams can be created with your hair and nails.

Canyon Ranch is famous for a few of their signature services. A Rausal Ceremony incorporating medicinal muds and steamed herbs in an ornate and exotic steam chamber. This cleansing ceremony includes self-application of mud, intermittent steam and a rain shower to rinse from a fiber optic sky. The Lulor King's bath is also offered, this combines a Balinese-style massage with a scrub using turmeric, yogurt and exotic oils. Following this, you soak in a bath filled with flowers. The last signature service to mention is called Euphoria. The name is well suited. This includes an herbal exfoliation followed by a King's Bath by candlelight.

You can stop by the Canyon Ranch store to buy some spa essentials as a souvenir of your stay. They offer an assortment of robes, fitness apparel, books, tapes and spa products including massage oils, skin creams, aromatherapy items and bath and shower accessories.

I look forward to spending many more days in this peaceful state. If you have not had the opportunity to sample such a day, I strongly suggest that you experience it, or share it with a friend. I personally guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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