by Paradiso

MIDDLE PATH features Seven Didjeridoos: 4 male, 3 female, all Totally Chill

Didjeridoo music master and holistic healer Paradiso recently released his seventh album – MIDDLE PATH – featuring the sounds of seven didjeridoos. The deep vibratory tones of the didjeridoo on this Electronic/New Age crossover album shift listeners into deep relaxation, subtly conveying its healing intention.

Paradiso is celebrating the CD with a series of performances in Northern and Southern California throughout Spring/Summer 2008. Perfect for relaxing or low-key entertaining, MIDDLE PATH is a new Electronic/New Age crossover album featuring didgeridoo master Paradiso on a full range of didjeridoos – both male and female in nature – complemented with exotic instruments such as drums, bells, Tibetan bowls, vocals, keyboards, percussion and electronic instruments.

MIDDLE PATH is the seventh album for Paradiso (Paradiso Turturici), who lives and performs in the San Francisco Bay Area, of which he is a native. While it is impossible to fully replicate the deep vibratory effect of a live didjeridoo performance, Paradiso offers the next best thing with his variety of digital recordings (http://www.5thElementMusic.com).

MIDDLE PATH is a melodic, hypnotic, and rhythmic musical ride, a therapeutic album that works with the mind, body and spirit. Paradiso’s gift with the didjeridoo was passed through to him by various elders and mentors. His music has been described as “an anomalous mix of organic and inorganic instruments that when balanced create a therapeutic listening environment.” (RJ Lannan, New Age Reporter, 2006).

Accordingly, Paradiso’s parallel pursuit of a spiritual path has led to his current work as a sound therapist, massage therapist and holistic health practitioner; his understanding of the human body as a massage therapist has a profound effect on his music productions, which utilize the highest levels of sound quality to capture the vibratory nature of the didjeridoo.

Paradiso’s appearances range from the concert performances to group and individual healing sessions and didjeridoo workshops. He has refined a unique musical healing approach; in a safe, relaxing environment, Paradiso “plays” the body with musical vibration using the instrument for which he is best known, the Didjeridoo, an indigenous instrument from Australia. Paradiso owns over twenty didjeridoos, each producing a different sound which he classifies as either male or female in nature. During sessions, he chooses each intuitively, based on his sense of what is needed in the immediate atmosphere or patient.

Of the seven didjeridoos played on MIDDLE PATH, Paradiso explains, he uses his Didjeridoo (or “didj”) in the key of C on the second track “Glistening Sky.” He explains “This didj is made out of eucalyptus and it’s from Australia; it’s traditional in that sense. This is a male didj; it’s my raw baby. It has no artwork painted on it, and is great for doing vocals and barks.”

Alternately, on Track 6, “Reincarnation Incoming” he says, “I use didjeridoos in the keys of E and B; I also used this B didj for the song Ocean’s Spirits. The didj in the key of E is my favorite didj. She’s a female and is made from agaves from Arizona, which is untraditional and unique. It came to me through a client, whose friend had given it to her saying only ‘Someone in California needs this didj. So she gave it to me, and I love it.”

The intense vibration of the didjeridoo carries a sound current that has reportedly helped people to heal themselves on various levels. Some recipients of the healing session claim the entrancing music has the capacity to shift them towards their life purpose, their passion, and that it can balance the body and release negative blockages.

As Paradiso puts it, "Spirit plays through me!" He adds, "I believe music can heal the mind, body and spirit and liberate us. My vision is to inspire all of us to rediscover our oneness with each other, with our environment, and with all of creation through music."

For a current list of performances and workshops, please see the Press EPK at www.sonicbids.com/paradiso



About Paradiso: A producer, composer and musician, Paradiso formed his own music publishing company "5th Element Vibes Music" over a decade ago, and functions under his record label "5th Element Music." A self-taught musician, Paradiso plays various instruments, primarily didjeridoo, Theremin, keyboards and percussion, all of which are included on his 2008 album release, MIDDLE PATH. Paradiso conducts individual private healing sessions, group sessions, and didjeridoo lessons in the Bay Area, elsewhere via appointment and select concert performances. Performance Bookings: 408-396-9968.

CDs & downloads are available from websites like http//:www.5thelementmusic.com, http//:www.Amazon.com, http//:www.CDBaby.com, http//:www.NewAgeMusic.com, http//:www.itunes.com and others; from bookstores like Borders, Barnes & Noble Books and East West Bookstores; and for wholesale from New Leaf Distributing.


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